Corruption in the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania is one of the most corrupt states in the country, and at the heart of all corruption is Centre County.

Disgraced New York District Attorney has formal Disciplinary Complaint filed against her by sitting Judge

President Judge publicly makes an announcement that he will recuse himself from all of New York District Attorney Mary Rain's cases because she is a corrupt and lying prosecutor. He then writes a public letter to the state disciplinary board... Continue Reading →


Kathleen Kane seeks NO JAIL time…. Is that a joke?

Baaaahahahahahah!!!!!   Kane seeks no jail sentence... Good luck with that. The voters will revolt. She is pleading now for mercy. Judge Alloy Demchick is going to throw the book at her. I can tell she will after reading the... Continue Reading →

Whose in charge? Not Josh Shapiro!!

The Montgomery County Commissioner's meeting sealed the deal for me. I will not vote for Josh Shapiro. I don't know if you watched, but it was a complete disaster. Josh Shapiro really is a mirror for what we are trying... Continue Reading →

New York District Attorney uses Grand Jury as a Weapon to Prosecute her Foes.

Newly minted District Attorney Mary Rain is not having a good year. For one she just lost a murder trial, and was caught doing a whole bunch of shady sh*t in the interim. For another her former boss, St. Lawrence... Continue Reading →

What’s wrong with PA Government? It takes a man to call out other men who sexually harass women

  I didn't say it, Clem Murray said it. We've all been thinking it. Even with Kathleen Kane convicted, Porngate did not go away. It still remains like a shadow hanging over the Pennsylvania justice system, and the voting public... Continue Reading →

Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain, the “most dangerous” prosecutor in New York, sound familiar?

St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain from upstate New York sounds like a real winner. A former police officer, assistant district attorney and she was also a public defender until she was fired from her job. The author laments... Continue Reading →

Juan Martinez (Jodi Arias Prosecutor) Charged with Prosecutorial Misconduct

Juan Martinez, the notorious prosecutor in the Jodi Arias case, is unsurprisingly in a whole bunch of hot water: "Martinez committed instances of highly publicized misconduct too numerous" during that trial to be fully recounted, the organization wrote to the... Continue Reading →

In California, cheating prosecutors will now go to jail – Pennsylvania NEEDS a similar law!

This law has been in and out of the press for the past year as it was pending. It is now an official law. California prosecutors who knowingly withhold or falsify evidence will now be charged with felonies and face... Continue Reading →

The Pennsylvania Justice System is an Outhouse

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