Kane seeks no jail sentence… Good luck with that. The voters will revolt. She is pleading now for mercy. Judge Alloy Demchick is going to throw the book at her. I can tell she will after reading the Kane criminal trial transcripts…. (which all can be found here for any legal news junkies curious: )
No public apology, no admission of guilt, no remorse (“I don’t regret anything, I wouldn’t change a thing”), threatened retaliation against Morrow after being ordered not to do so….
She is going to get hard time, who is she even kidding?
There is not enough months or years she can be sentenced to that would ever restore what she did to the integrity of the PA Justice system. Voters deserve to see her penalized for her CRIMINAL acts while in office.
Kane’s motion for no jail time can be found here:
Good luck with that Kane.