The Montgomery County Commissioner’s meeting sealed the deal for me. I will not vote for Josh Shapiro.

I don’t know if you watched, but it was a complete disaster. Josh Shapiro really is a mirror for what we are trying to dispose of, which is the Kathleen Kane era. Josh Shapiro brags about making things happen with minority commissioners. He brags about his record.

Let me tell you about Josh’s record.

He sort of worked with Bruce Castor to make progress and represent Montgomery county, but really who is he kidding? Bruce Castor is really a do nothing sitting duck. He doesn’t even sit on the board for Montgomery County Commissioners. Bruce Castor doesn’t sit on any government board, he sits on the board of bad publicity, and public disgust.

These politicians all get on television and talk about how they want to change and reform this state. Let me tell you something meaningful: The biggest challenge to Pennsylvania voters is not defending their safety against the people on the street, it’s defending their civil rights from the crooks who sit in office.

It is WIDELY accepted that Pennsylvania has a problem with corruption. Josh Shapiro is a guy who wants to go on TV and brag about what he wants to fix about Pennsylvania, when it’s people like Josh Shapiro who put us here.

Let me tell you something… I am not worried as much about the heroin epidemic as I am worried about these Government officials who propagate an infestation of public corruption.

Bruce Castor is not the right guy to defend Pennsylvanians and that is Josh Shapiro’s left hand man. Bruce Castor let Cosby go, he let the PSU-3 go, he let KATHLEEN KANE go… as in he jumped in to defend her and threw us all under the bus so he could assume a seat.

Things are shitty right now. Minimum wage doesn’t cut it. The people are suffering… The people are suffering in a way which leadership can’t fix over night. O’Bama deserves another presidency.

Shapiro is posing as a democrat, but he is a straight up politician. He is a disgusting individual who amounts to nothing more than a bottom feeding opportunist social climber.

The fact that he worked with Bruce Castor is a blemish on his campaign.

Josh Shapiro is a selfish minded individual who will abuse his office just like Kane if he gets elected.

My name is Harry and I am a democrat. I am voting for Hillary, and I’m also voting for Rafferty. Because while Josh Shapiro might get these endorsements, he isn’t Obama who I elected.

My name is Harry and I’m a democrat who is voting Rafferty.