I didn’t say it, Clem Murray said it.
We’ve all been thinking it. Even with Kathleen Kane convicted, Porngate did not go away. It still remains like a shadow hanging over the Pennsylvania justice system, and the voting public is sick of secrets.

The question is how much of Porngate is hype, blown out of proportion by Kathleen Kane who needed a guilt flag to wave at the judiciary while she was sinking, and how much of it is something we need to be legitimately concerned about.

Obviously ex parte communication in any form should carry serious consequences, so how inappropriate was whatever was being sent? I mean was it child pornography?

We’ve been getting conflicting reports.

Bruce Castor who would not release the report:

“While I remain Attorney General, I will not be approving the release of any part of the report until we can devise a procedure that, at the very least, allows for informed responses,” Castor stated.”

No doubt he was trying to win friends and influence people in the OAG, as he was likely quite aware the office was mocking him and he had no support among the ranks. Bruce Castor would have turned naked cartwheels for an “atta boy.”

Castor also said the report was confusing, and incomplete. He retracted that statement almost immediately, likely after Kane exploded at him. He then turned around and said the report was “comprehensive.”

Only a month later at Castor’s press conference after the resignation of Kathleen Kane did Castor repeat his original thoughts that the Gansler report was inadequate. He said that Gansler sent him a copy of the report to review and that the report that Gansler sent gave his computer a virus, and he subsequently had to send it off to Apple to be repaired. I’m not sure if this is a factual recount of what happened, or if it was Bruce Castor’s attempt at humor.

A lot of fear seems to surround the report. Even today it feels like we are not going to get the full story of exactly who was sending what pornography in the OAG office. Beemer came out this week and said that the porn report would be released, but that statement was quickly followed by a quiet second day story in the press that the report was “unreliable” and that it “did not contain any smoking gun” as one might have previously thought.

How difficult can this be? Really the question is who sent what inappropriate materials? What is the case?

Maybe we don’t want a “smoking gun.” Maybe all the public wants is a level of transparency, I mean we did just get finished watching the Kathleen Kane saga destroy whatever confidence we may have harbored in the justice system.

Now is not the time to stonewall the public or play games. The best way to restore public confidence in the system is to wipe out the Kathleen Kanes of the world, wipe out the corrupt individuals who kill the reputation for all the other hard working folks: Get those people.

When “a version” of the porn report is released, I hope it is properly explained. What was redacted and why? Why this report? Why are some people named and other people’s names excluded?

Because that’s going to be the big thing you know? The big thing is going to be the whose who that is identified in the media…. That’s why Harrisburg is so afraid of this thing. Beemer needs to do the right thing, not half of the right thing, but the entire right thing. If he doesn’t it will take decades before the public trusts the OAG again.

Release the redacted report, and explain everything you redacted and why. Or why not release the ENTIRE report? We paid for this? Why do we get “a version” of it?

“As a proponent of openness and transparency in state government, I obviously lean towards full public disclosure,” Rafferty responded. “However, in this instance, I do not believe it’s fair or appropriate for me to comment as to whether I would release the Gansler Report without first  thoroughly reviewing its content and the author’s reasoning behind his conclusions. As I have said from the beginning of this campaign, my goal is to restore integrity and leadership to the office Attorney General. I will implement a very strong ethics policy on day one that will ensure nothing like this ever happens again.”

Thank you John Rafferty – This is why you are leading the polls.