St. Lawrence County District Attorney Mary Rain from upstate New York sounds like a real winner. A former police officer, assistant district attorney and she was also a public defender until she was fired from her job.

The author laments that complaints to the disciplinary board in New York have been futile and this prosecutor has never faced the consequences of any suspension or discipline.

 Indeed, that Rain in the current high-profile Hillary trial would commit such a clearly egregious violation by hiding exculpatory evidence suggests that she is willing to flaunt legal and ethical standards with impunity, confident that she will be able to escape accountability.

It is not entirely clear whether her confidence in the dysfunctional New York disciplinary system is misplaced. Her intimidation of judges, misuse of the grand jury, retaliatory prosecution, serial violations of legal and ethical rules, mismanagement of her office, and harassment and abuse of her staff is unparalleled among New York District Attorneys.
In the end, Rain’s abuse of power without any accountability makes a mockery of the system of justice and taints everybody in the system committed to serving law and justice responsibly and professionally.

It’s a national epidemic, states need to be more progressive policing prosecutors. The only way to reform the system is to impose clear consequences for when the law is broken. As California is imposing jail time for cheating prosecutors, so should Pennsyvania.