Newly minted District Attorney Mary Rain is not having a good year.

For one she just lost a murder trial, and was caught doing a whole bunch of shady sh*t in the interim.

For another her former boss, St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire, is fed up. Formerly when Mary Rain was a public defender, St. Hilaire fired her. Now the two women are butting heads again, and Hilaire is contending that Mary Rain is an “out of control prosecutor,” who is abusing her office.

Hilaire said that her former employee Mary Rain is using a grand jury to avenge her personal vendettas and “get even with people.”

St. Hilaire’s testimony came out in front of a state legislative committee last week, which involved the proposed creation of a special review board to look into all the misconduct allegations against the prosecutors.

Of course Mary Rain has her own opinions as to what she thinks is going on:

“Ms. St. Hilaire’s allegations have been reviewed by a judge and found to be unfounded. Her complaints were sent into the Ethics Committee and found to be unfounded. She then provided them to the Public Integrity Bureau who also found them to be unfounded,” said Rain.

Of course they aren’t true Mary, St. Hilaire just made this all up because she is jealous of you and resents your success and wants your job. You really think we should believe that all of these people are lying except for you?

But the problem is that St. Hilaire is not the only one who has a problem with DA Mary Rain:

St. Hilaire was only one of several of the county officials that Rain issued subpoena’s for documents from in June of 2014. Rain was using a grand jury under the guise of investigating the improper use of drug asset forfeiture funds to purchase microphones for county legislative chambers, which sounds to me she was trying to stir up something out of nothing to redirect all the public criticism that was directed at her.

She also resorted to this tactic of blaming other people on another occasion. She said that it was not her fault that there was a high turnover of attorneys in her office, but it was actually the states fault because she was underfunded and short staffed.

St. Hillaire isn’t having the bullshit. She said that the dispute initially arose over Mary Rain wanting a new office.

“It is my belief that Mary Rain misused the grand jury proceeding and issued subpoenas to get even with and threaten those she viewed had wronged her by removing her from her previous position and disagreed with her request for additional space,” St. Hilaire said.

Mary Rain’s troubles do not end there however. St. Hilaire claims that Rain made “sexually offensive remarks” and engaged in sex acts with another county ADA. St. Hilaire had initially filed complaints against Rain with the Appellate Court’s Committee on Professional Standards and the State Attorney General’s Office.

“That was two years ago and I’ve heard nothing from them. I was then asked to prepare an affidavit for the governor’s investigation that was requested by the county legislature. I’ve done that. Nothing has happened there,” she said.

Don’t hold your breath. In Pennsylvania, the Disciplinary Board takes a decade to even open an envelope.

“I don’t know what more I can do to inform the public that the allegations made by her and subsequently by the legislators in a no confidence vote have all been unfounded by different branches of government,” said Rain.

That’s because, the DA says, there’s no validity to the allegations being made against her.

Of course not Mary Rain. None of it is your fault. They are all out to get you. Everybody is lying except you.

We aren’t buying it.