Its the lawsuit that will not die, filed by two of the most publicly unpopular lawyers in Pennsylvania: Bruce Castor and Stacy Parks Miller.

I can’t think of many Judges who are not eager to stick it to Bruce Castor these days. Who wouldn’t like to see Bruce Castor get whopped after his testimony in front of the senate judiciary committee and the shenanigans with Bill Cosby, PSU III? Heck, even Kathleen Kane has to be royally pissed at him. He kind of did her in at the very end.

With Bruce Castor up in Centre County, he is now like a sitting duck. A perfect target under public corruption laws, look at all the appalling conflicts of interest he is engaged in. There has to be a chargeable offense somewhere under there. Has anyone ever looked at RICO? How about perjury?

He is all doing all of the following concurrently: Providing representation as Stacy Parks Miller’s criminal lawyer (See Commonwealth vs. Ryan Richards which is presently pending an appeal of the criminal charges against Parks Miller [Media does not report this]); providing representation as the County’s Specially appointed ADA; providing representation as Stacy Parks Miller’s civil lawyer suing the county; and, representing the County in right to know litigation pertaining to his client Stacy Parks Miller (they are trying to bury their retainer agreement, because it likely contains a contract with illegal terms for her to agree on, and with illegal payments to him out of a non government account). Did she use the County’s money to pay for her legal defense? Castor is trying to sue Centre County for $120k, was that the full balance or the remainder?

Stacy Parks Miller is appealing… Quite brazen of her after the first ruling.