Beemer makes more changes to the OAG staff. Out with the corrupt, out with those who were in the hooks of Kane. I suppose they also may have had to clean house for the big Porngate announcement. It is probably better to fire everyone who needs to fired rather than let all this play out over television, and then fire people when the public react. So yes, I think some of the shuffling of people has to do with pornography sending.

Amongst the list of new hires/ new promotions is Robert Drawbaugh.

Agent Robert Drawbaugh’s area of specialty? Corruption stings, in particular elected officials and conflicts of interest.

Beemer is doing all the right things in trying to gain back the public trust, and I think the public is recognizing his efforts. He gets glowing reviews in social media. I can’t help but to be optimistic, and think that Beemer’s choice of Drawbaugh. Public corruption is clearly a problem, look at the new revelations coming out about Seth Williams. It is only going to get worse through the month of October, until Kane is sentenced again, and the public outcry will be repeated when all of that gets dragged through the media again. Drawbaugh is a sophisticated and skilled enough prosecutor capable of taking on tough cases of public corruption.

Drawbaugh’s work on Bonus-Gate going after Democrats entailed the following:

  • In 2004, shortly after a special election between Linda Minger and Karen Beyer in Lehigh County, 167 staffers received bonuses totalling $87,250. All 167 worked on the Minger race, said Robert Drawbaugh of Attorney General Tom Corbett’s office.He based his conclusions on a comparison of bonus recipients with data on campaign volunteers that had been maintained by former caucus staffer Eric Webb.In 2006, a crucial election year in which Democrats recaptured control of the House, 557 bonuses were distributed to people who worked on campaigns. Those bonuses totalled $1.2 million.

It was a full on investigation and brought down a number of powerful democrats. But that is exactly what this state needs RIGHT NOW as it pertains to public corruption: A Goliath.

After Kathleen Kane we need to heel, and we need to weed out a few more folks and make examples out of them. This state needs to set a precedent, that if you abuse your office, if you engage in conflicts of interest, if you steal from your tax paying county constituents, if you file SLAPP suits, you will be held accountable with criminal penalties and removed from office. Centre County is a perfect project for Agent Drawbaugh, and he shouldn’t stop there. Seth Williams needs investigated, and there are probably a number of complaints involving public corruption that can be followed up with.

*It also appears that Drawbaugh was active in the clergy investigation, and Drawbaugh was probably instrumental in the grand jury investigation that indicted the three Pennsylvania friars guilty of molesting children.

With Robert Drawbaugh as a choice, Beemer appears he can do no wrong.