Former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen Reed will catch a break on some of his charges.

There were 144 charges, Beemer felt this was excessive.

Remember this case? This case was a bombshell in the media, Kane was all over this one.

This case was a Kathleen Kane spectacle. It was her glitzy party and time to shine in front of her foes, it was time to show those investigating her that she wasn’t corrupt, she was the one getting the corrupt guys!! This case was as much fun to parade through the media as Kane liked parading Claire Risoldi, whose case is pending trial. If you want to hear about another case of severe prosecutorial abuse and overcharging of a Defendant, have a look at that case. I’m not saying Claire Risoldi is not guilty, nor did I ever say Stephen Reed is not guilty. Both did the crimes more than likely, what I am saying (separate from there guilt or innocence) is this: Were those victims of Kane overcharging because they were glamorous political targets? How many more cases exist like these? Kathleen Kane, the ice queen.

Remember what else was happening in July of 2015 when all the media was a flurry with Kathleen Kane parading the Stephen Reed case around. It was at this very time when Kane herself was the subject of an investigating grand jury, which was looking at her criminal activities. She is now a convicted felon. So at the time she was handling the Stephen Reed grand jury she had already committed the felony leak of grand jury material. Thus at the time was handling the grand jury on Stephen Reed, Kathleen Kane was a criminal.

This grand jury, and other grand jury’s, were being run by a now convicted felon. They deserve to be looked at once again, and not through the slow churning system of an appeals court, but by a concientious eye: An internal review board investigating Kathleen Kane’s cases after the leak for their integrity. Conduct the review in the exact same way she reviewed Sandusky.

What if there are other cases of overcharging? Or nefarious tactics of a sordid prosecutorial nature? Dubious or illegal practices by a criminal? That alone should compel you to need to investigate other cases, to make sure that this criminal did not abuse her office or engage in prosecutorial misconduct to “win” other cases so she could have a big media blitz and “show them,” as in those people on her investigating grand jury.

Let me count the number of professional rules broken in the media content… A prosecutor shall not comment on his or her opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the accused, a prosecutor shall not discuss evidence not yet ruled admissible in trial, comment as to the testimony of other witnesses potentially used at trial… etc etc.

This case against Reed was in the heat of her own investigating grand jury, she was irrational – Her case against Reed was spiked with malice and vitriol. It was designed to maximize her catch in the flood of media flashbulbs. It was her moment to shine, never mind there were about 75 excessive criminal charges. It was all about Kathleen Kane. This is abuse, how many other cases exist like this?

Think about that miscarriage of justice. 75 additional charges amounts to years and years more in jail. Kane put her own politics in front of the freedom of another American citizen.

That is pretty sick.

She had these flashy grandiose conferences featuring herself Kathleen Kane as the star. She spaced them out incrementally to lengthen the pain. First one that said she was filing charges, then another press conference that said she was going to file more charges, and then a third press conference wherein she filed more charges.

I mean she tortured Stephen Reed.


Watch the July 24, 2015 Press Conference here.


It would be highly vigilant of Beemer to develop some sort of mechanism into looking into the actions of Kathleen Kane while she was in office. He would be diligent to put together some sort of qualified critical review board comprised of selected members, or perhaps a conviction integrity unit. With such massive corruption that office needs a scrub down.

Any grand jury handled by Kane should be looked at. I posed this course of action once and someone responded that this would be “overly burdensome.” I find that qualification excessively inappropriate. A review of any case prosecuted by Kane which resulted in someone losing their personal freedom through some shady miscarriage of justice is what I am proposing we look for… the cases where people’s right’s got violated. The little guy Americans who got screwed for being political targets of Kane.

Governor Wolf had also envisioned this when he spoke about the Senate moving forward with Kane’s impeachment process after she resigned. He had cited the reason that he wanted to move forward with Kane’s impeachment process was so that Kane could be held “accountable for everything in office, not just the illegal things.”





It’s cases like Stephen Reed’s that only serve to increase the lack of confidence in Kane’s decision making and judgement calls in other criminal cases, wherein people were perhaps put away for unjustly long lengths of time because they were over-charged as a result of being one of Kathleen Kane’s political targets.

Beemer’s decreasing the number of criminal charges on Stephen Reed shows that there was an obvious overkill in the number of criminal charges filed in the first place. If it could happen to Stephen Reed, how many other people did it happen to?

I recall a lot of glamorous press conferences.

A huge crackdown on public corruption, with a particular focus in the judiciary system and the prosecutors within the Attorney Generals office, as well as in Centre County would really serve to do two things: It would return confidence in the criminal justice system by the Pennsylvania voting public, and it would act as a deterrent, to apply a standard – Nonsense in public office will not be tolerated, and your betrayal of trust will be punished to the fullest extent allowed by law. The criminal justice system in Pennsylvania needs a complete overhaul, and that is an impossible task. But what you can do is enforce a few checks and balances, and show the world publicly that there are criminal consequences to abusing office: prosecutorial misconduct, abuses, corruption, conflicts of interest, stealing campaign money, theft of services.

Centre County is ripe for an overhaul, and such a thing would go a long way in restoring public confidence. And it is, by any and all accounts, a political Kane fix up / screw up / grand jury run by a criminal hooking up another criminal.