Vladimir Podnebennyy was found guilty. Vlad actually confessed to the police he murdered his wife, I’m wondering why the county forced the family through the additional trauma of a trial, and drug them even more through the news and expended on all the tax dollars on the experts/expenses etc involved in a pricey homicide trial.. It seems with a confession, if they weren’t seeking the death penalty, the more humane and sensitive to the family option would have been to plea it down.

Of course that is nothing we could ever expect the Centre Daily Times to ask, they do the bare minimum when it comes to investigative journalism and as it pertains to Stacy Parks Miller they stick to the softball questions. Truly irresponsible journalism, by incompetent reporters and lazy editors.

The Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller has grown desperate in the heat of the public’s general malice towards her corrupt and criminal activities. She has embarked on the impossible task of trying to repair her scandal tattered reputation for the next election. The futility of that endeavor is entirely laughable, but the charades should be fun to watch. I don’t foresee any danger of her being elected by the voting public in the next election, so if nothing else it will be entertaining to watch her fight for that seat she has no chance of having.