Mark Rozzi fights on to push the expansion of the statute of limitations for civil lawsuits to be filed by victims of sexual abuse.

Now if only Beemer would open up an investigation into the PSU-3 and the Second Mile.

Beemer is actually the ONLY guy I trust to do this. For a while there was some speculation that Bruce Castor was going to open a Second Mile investigation.

Yes, the failed Cosby prosecutor wanted to get his dirty hands on Sandusky.

He even proposed that Centre County District Attorney assist him with that investigation. (This was back when he was still OAG). What a total joke!!

Stacy Parks Miller has been salivating over the Sandusky case for years. She brags publicly about being the County’s sole RTK officer, and is always present for any Sandusky hearing, she likes the access to the cameras, even though she isn’t center stage.

Regardless, it DOES MATTER who does the investigation.

You want to screw up the investigation, put someone ruled by selfish interests in the mix. You want to get it done right? Put someone in there who doesn’t care about the media or all the glitz and glam and is out to do the right thing for the children victims.

Bruce Beemer is that guy.