Governor Wolf held a press conference today to address the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania.

Despite Stacy Parks Miller’s initiatives to jail opioid offenders and continuation of her policies to criminalize marijuana, Centre County has made some progress on this. She claims to be a democrat, but none of her policies are dated policies of another American era a decade past. Governor Wolf is a true democrat, believing in recovery as opposed to rehabilitation as an answer to the opioid crisis.

Stacy Parks Miller jumped on the helping addicts boat after it became a statewide trend, but despite the county decriminalizing marijuana in it’s borough ordinances, Stacy Parks Miller disregards that law like she disregards most laws. She continues to press for high bail and hard time for young kids who get caught smoking pot. These kids face permanent records as consequence.

Further, Parks Miller believes in jailing opioid addicts. In 2014, she wanted to jail a 22 year old addict for 20 YEARS. Parks Miller says that the drug dealers must be caught, she endeavors to make a delineation between an addict and a dealer, when any common sense individual with an ounce of an education knows there is no difference. Addicts deal to support their habits. Hard jail time does not “cure” addiction. Treatment kills addiction.

Prosecutors like Stacy Parks Miller who still rely on draconian Nixon era politics of just jailing non violent drug offenders for life need removed from office. We need progressive, solution oriented prosecutors who are in tune with their constituents and truly want the best for the community. Prosecutors like Stacy Parks Miller are mechanisms in a vicious cycle that have brought us to where we are today: In utter crisis.

We as a society, particularly in Centre County with the student population, need to adapt forward thinking measures to address the heroin problem. Stacy Parks Miller’s policies have proven to be as ineffective as she has been as a prosecutor.


Furthermore, by some witness accounts and rumors of court room performances, it is apparent to many that Parks Miller may have a drug problem herself. Rumors swirled about this when she pushed to have medication disposal boxes installed at various locations on county property, and showed up to a Centre County commissioners meeting with dilated pupils, and appeared disoriented, confused and displayed inappropriate overly histrionic behaviors.

In fact, if you think about it, drug addiction is a logical explanation to many of the court room hysterics and irrational behaviors we have seen coming from Parks Miller; then it’s also an explanation for the promiscuity we have heard about pertaining to her in a professional context, and the unchecked inappropriate emotions people routinely see her exhibit in the media and in the courtroom. Perhaps her staunch refusal to comply with the new relaxed marijuana ordinances of Centre County, or the new initiatives of Governor Wolf are some sort of deep seated denial related to her own struggles with addiction. Whatever the case may be, she has failed miserably at addressing the problem and has failed to be included in the community efforts to do so. 


Read about Stacy Parks Miller’s insane rant here, it appears her friends at the Centre Daily Times have removed the embarrassing video for her as a favor. Penn Live has been providing some great coverage to Centre County lately, and hopefully we’ll see more. The Centre Daily Times has provided disgraceful coverage of the Parks Miller scandal throughout this entire ordeal, but that is a whole other story.

Regardless, the District Attorney’s utter failure to address the opioid epidemic, and her complete exclusion from the Town Halls and community efforts are indicative that her usefulness has past, and are one of the million reasons that Centre County voters need to ensure she is not voted into office. 

Addicts need medical treatment, not jail. Jailing addicts will only serve to perpetuate the cycle, and we can no longer afford to do that.Governor Wolf and the Centre County Commissioners are moving in the right direction. There is help for addicts, and we can break the cycle. Stacy Parks Miller is only one example of a prosecutor who lacks the experience and basic human empathy to deal with the drug crisis, there are many out there. This area in our criminal justice system is in grave need of reform.