Chester County is predicted to be a swing state in Pennsylvania’s 2016 Attorney General elections, however Centre County is unpredictable too.

Kane reeked havoc on Centre County by not prosecuting Stacy Parks Miller, and the scandal ridden District Attorney has only added to the ever increasing growing list of legal dilemmas plaguing the region.

“A lot of voters are concerned about the Bruce Castor, Stacy Parks Miller, Josh Shapiro connection,” one voter remarked. “We really thought we were going to see some form of justice or accountability when the criminal grand jury began investigating our District Attorney, but instead all we apparently got an unfair legal procedure, and the criminal DA remains at large.”

It has been a tumultuous term for Stacy Parks Miller. Though she ran uncontested in the last election, she was still caught stealing money to run her campaign. The general contention across the county is that there is no way she will be re-elected, but people are frustrated that in the interim they have to bide their time while this criminal runs amuck in local government, creating embarrassment, scandal, and statewide disgrace.

Many people in Centre County feel that voting for Shapiro will only reaffirm the old ways of the Kathleen Kane / Bruce Castor era. They are fed up with the corruption and want to put a stop to it, if this means voting republican, Centre County democrats are more than willing to do it.

If Beemer does open up an investigation into Stacy Parks Miller and Centre County voters do see some sort of resolution or relief prior to November 5th, than I imagine the tides may turn. But as it stands, Centre County will be a swing state… and an election of Josh Shapiro in this region is highly likely… I mean given Parks Miller’s endorsement of Shapiro and Shapiro’s ties to Castor.. What else would one expect of Centre County voters?