The most egregious indicator that Kathleen Kane’s investigating grand jury looking at the criminal activities of Stacy Parks Miller was a total sham involves the handwriting experts.

First let me say that there is plenty of other evidence out there that bolsters criminal charging Stacy Parks Miller. The Bellefonte Police and the Disciplinary board purportedly have her cell phone records, which include the texts messages wherein she was colluding with Judges ex parte DURING criminal trials.


In fact, if you are uncertain as to whether or not there is sufficient evidence to charge Stacy Parks Miller, one only has to look as far as Judge Brann’s ruling, who wrote in no uncertain terms that there was sufficient probable cause [for criminally charging parks miller]. Judge Brann, in fact, wrote that there was sufficient probable cause for criminal charges even without the testimony of Michelle Shutt or the faulty memory of Judge Ruest.

Further, Stacy Parks Miller’s actions after the sham grand jury are further indicator of her guilt, she engaged in reckless and vitriolic lawsuits against her county and her constituents and against a sitting Judge. These were thrown out, the Judge was appalled.

But the handwriting experts really show how Kane “did Centre County in” by fixing this grand jury. Kane chose a handwriting expert from the same firm as the Defense handwriting expert. The expert firm collected a double fee. This was only one of the problems involved with the fixed criminal investigating grand jury that looked at Stacy Parks Miller.

Why was she never charged with the theft? Kathleen Kane’s grand jury wrote that the amount was too diminuitive to charge. What a ridiculous conclusion given that Stacy Parks Miller frequently puts people in jail for stealing lesser amounts. And how are we supposed to trust an admitted thief to handle important county business involving people’s lives, family and future. Well you simply can’t, particularly given Stacy Parks Miller’s dishonest history with money, and the rumors of what she is doing with the drug forfeiture money in the county’s account.

This whole grand jury was designed to be a sham. It’s time for justice and fairness to be restored. Like Kathleen Kane, it is time that Stacy Parks Miller faces criminal consequences for her felony activities while in office.

And who do you think felon Kathleen Kane was kidding? The fix was in from the start. Stacy Parks Miller would have all but gotten away with it had Bruce Castor remained the Acting Attorney General.