Look at this jerk in New Jersey….

Clearly if the civil case is one there should be a conviction integrity unit. Prosecutors who showboat with these cases and bury exculpatory evidence, or otherwise engage in other dubious behaviors ought to face criminal consequences. Picking on minorities/minors and/or the legally insane, incompetent or ill (including drug addicts), ought to be punishable by increased criminal penalties.

Too many prosecutors are so bent on winning they throw justice to the wind. It is ruining people’s lives and destroying public faith in the justice system.

Take Centre County for instance, one of the biggest offenders of prosecutorial misconduct in the media is Stacy Parks Miller… And while she thrives on the glitz and glamor of small town media, it’s not part of any criminal sentence for a prosecutor to run the name of the convicted through the mud post conviction.

Nor is it the role of any prosecutor to discuss their opinions as to the guilt or innocence of a party, comment on the credibility of witnesses or disclose certain facts of the case. All of these infractions are routinely made here in Centre County. Stacy Parks Miller is the queen of media violations in the press. She likes nothing more than to heighten the public’s condemnation of the accused, because she believes it makes HER look good.

Selfish politics and personal financial gain have no place in the criminal justice system. The pendulum of justice must begin to swing the other way. These prosecutors need to be held accountable or the misconduct will continue. Just like every other common criminal, prosecutors need to be made public examples of when they try to cheat the system in the name of victory. These politicians are not justice seeking lawyer, they are small town nobody fame seeking bullies, and the public must be protected from these people.

Read about this prosecutorial abuse here, there needs to be hard penalties for prosecutors who cheat the system or do not follow the law. There is ZERO accountability as it stands.