Another lawsuit is filed by an attorney in the Attorney General’s office. Like the others before him, this employee filed this action against Kathleen Kane specifically for being a douche-bag employer. If you did not previously believe that Kathleen Kane should serve hard jail time, perhaps this article will change your mind. Of note, look at this exert that displays Kathleen Kane threatening personal violence/harm as a mechanism of retaliation. She ran that office like a thug:

“Kane’s chief operating officer approached Carusone and told him to tell “his boy” to back off “or people were going to get hurt” through the release of emails, according to Carusone’s complaint.”

“Tell his boy to back off” else “people were going to get hurt.”

Who does she think she is?

I am sure Judge Alloy Demchick is following the news. Sentencing is only weeks away, and Kane is doing herself no favors.

Kane will thrive magnificently in prison. She will be at the top of the food chain in no time, and she’ll look fabulous in orange. And heck, it looks like she has just the personality for it.