Corruption in the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania is one of the most corrupt states in the country, and at the heart of all corruption is Centre County.

New York District Attorney Joel Abelove is exhibiting some dirtbag behavior…. Brady violations, witness intimidation etc.

New York DA Joel Abelove is exhibiting some pretty suspicious behavior. Purported Brady violations, witness intimidation/coaching.... With California's new law making dishonesty by prosecutors a felony punishable by jail time, I have noticed more and more new stories published in... Continue Reading →


Why Prosecutor’s shouldn’t be tweeting? – See Bruce Castor’s Twitter Meltdown…

I initially loved this article.... It's a great message on why prosecutors shouldn't abuse the media. --------- "This all begs the question: Why would prosecutors even bother to fight for the right to so gratuitously air their personal opinions? For... Continue Reading →

Bruce Beemer dropped one charge for Tim Curley, but…

  .....he is filing to Reinstate Conspiracy Charges formerly dropped by Disgraced Bruce Castor. This is a lovely change of pace: "But on a related issue, he did set out a 40-day schedule for legal briefs on a related request... Continue Reading →

Union drops lawsuit challenging the public release of Kathleen Kane’s Porn Report… Sounds like Beemer is protecting the Good Ole Boys Network

"A lawsuit has been dropped challenging the public release of a report about porn, racist and other objectionable emails sent among scores of government employees who had a connection to the state attorney general's office. The union representing the office's... Continue Reading →

What is Donald Trump’s advice to Bill Cosby? “Better P.R.”

This is a dirtbag thing to say no matter what side of the aisle you on. What kind of message is this to rape victims? “Well, I think it’s very sad, and frankly I don’t think he’s handling it very... Continue Reading →

RADIO SHOW: Penn State New Reporting Measures Don’t Limit Options for Sex Assault Victims…. I doubt that is entirely true…

Coming from Penn State, and given the state of the Centre County Court System and in the era of Post-Sandusky... It's hard to ever believe Penn State. "Changes to university policy last year mean Eubanks and other professors, staff and... Continue Reading →

Former New York Norfolk Clerk charged with Theft of Nearly $10k and Tampering with Records… What is it with elected female lawyers and corruption?

At least they are charging her. In Centre County you can steal and commit forgery with no repercussions. Look at District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.... She's still in office! This little thief abused her office and needs to see hard... Continue Reading →

“Pennsylvania is a Shame” – Agreed!!! Criminal Justice System is TOTAL DISGRACE!!

"When it comes to implementing reforms designed to guard against convicting innocent people, Pennsylvania lags far behind the vast majority of states. It has no law requiring the police to record interviews with suspects to prevent coerced confessions. Nor does... Continue Reading →

Chris Christie to get Criminal Summons for Possible Official Misconduct!!! That’s what happens when you cause traffic in Philly!!

That fat porker slob joke of a politician from the armpit state of Jersey, Chris Christie, officially may get criminal summons for official misconduct. After traffic-gate which left thousands of Philadelphians pissed off fuming in traffic, Christie has made himself... Continue Reading →

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